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The AgileGov Kit makes it easier for Department of Defense (DoD), federal, state and local governments to embrace the Administration’s mandate for a more open and transparent government. Simply by leveraging existing deployments of SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, and Visio 2010, an agency can communicate their processes visually and fulfill the needs of millions of users who are currently not served by automated workflows, tasks, and insight into managing those tasks, whether internally or externally. 

What is the AgileGov Kit?

The next generation of government is here. However, tools have only started to catch up to make the goal of open government and government 2.0 a reality. To this point, government processes have become “black boxes” to the citizenry and constituents—in part because seeing, leveraging, reporting and interacting with visual representations of government processes and processing has been too difficult.

We all know what it is like to send important paperwork to a government agency and then wonder how long the process will take; whether the paperwork was received; and whether the paperwork filled out correctly. With the AgileGov solution, agencies can and expose internal process, forms, and status to the public easily.

This open template, open source, and open solution have two flavors: a civilian template and a Department of Defense template.

The civilian template can help state, local, and other non-Department of Defense civilian agencies:

  • Process information release requests
  • Process badge requests
  • Process FOIA requests
  • Process disclosures for lobbying
  • Process meetings with legislatures

The DoD template can help military units and services:

  • FOIA Request
  • Bid Tracking
  • CAC Card
  • General Meeting
  • Redaction Review
  • Classified Materials Approval

These solutions provide real-world solution samples that demonstrate the principles, concepts, and capabilities described in the following whitepapers on the Microsoft GovReady website:

  • Visualize transparency: Improving processes and services in government

  • Data Visualization


AgileGov is a complete end-to-end solution including the following capabilities:

  • My Tasks
  • Form Library
  • Report Center and Manager Dashboard
  • Solution WikiHelp and Tutorial
  • Solution How-we-did-it

My Workflows

Many processes in organizations are still manual. Due to limited funding, section or division level automation often is not a priority of Information Technology (IT). Thus, millions of government workers are left to complete the same task over and over manually. With My Workflows, the user will see the workflows that are relevant to their job, process the form, access to a web-based form to fill out, and tips and tricks that are shared by other users to help make the process better.

 In the screen shot below, you will see the use of SharePoint 2010, Visio and Visio Services, InfoPath Web-forms, and targeting.


Report Center and Manager Dashboard

An often overlooked part of any solution is business intelligence for leadership. Like process automation, the funding and expertise is generally not widely available throughout an organization. So, again, the end-user and division is left without a solution. With Report Center and Manager Dashboards, we show how information that is entered in or part of the processing of tasks is rolled up by manager and organizational level. For each manager, you will see how long processing of items takes, how many are in what part of the workflow, and other business intelligence information.



Solution WikiHelp and Tutorial

With any solution, training is often a concern. So, we included WikiHelp as part of the solution. This WikiHelp will allow your organization to update the online help as you get user feedback or as you modify or customize the solution. Think of it as a living help.


The tutorial is a simple step-by-step training that walks the user through the solution until they become proficient with the process.

Civilian Template DoD Template
DOD Image
















Solution How-we-did-it

There are many solutions posted on many open source forums. However, many leave organizations with questions about how the solution was created from scratch, so they can’t learn how to mix-and-match or duplicate similar functionality without reverse engineering the solution.

Therefore, we have included a set of step-by-step instructions that shows how an organization could essentially re-build from scratch the solution. This step-by-step include:

  • Based configuration (products used)
  • Modifications to templates and pages (how-to)
  • Connecting Webparts and pieces together (how-to including items with and without code)
  • Screenshots of pages before, during and after

Upcoming Features

Release Schedule

First release of templates and solutions files (Civilian) – November 15, 2010
First release of templates and solutions files (DoD) – December 17, 2010
First release of documentation – January 31, 2011
First release of hosted Hyper-V solution to “test drive” – January 31, 2011



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